Little Nicole, Big World


Welcome, world, to my new blog.

In 2012 I started a blog, and it was filled with the promise of hope but was soon weighed down by the everyday struggles of life. Breakups, student loans, loneliness, and unemployment, mostly. It got to a place where there was so much sad that I felt that it has been poisoned, so I stopped writing. Why record the sadness? I don’t need a reminder.

I also felt that writing a blog was the most extreme form of narcism, something I feel fairly sensitive about. It feels like I am saying, “Look at me humble brag about my life!” or “Listen to my woes upon woes!” I still feel this way, somewhat, but I’ve learned, hopefully, how to avoid those pitfalls, because I have things to say and hopefully, you’d like to hear them.

Tomorrow, I am hoping on a plane to spend 4 weeks in Europe. Because I can.

When I turned 19, I went to my first friend’s wedding. In the last 7 years, I’ve gone to about a dozen more, and been a bridesmaid in 5.

My dear friend, Kimberly, invited me last summer to her wedding in France. The words were hardly out of her mouth when I absolutely said I would be in attendance. The trip was originally going to be 9-10 days when I realized something.

I don’t have a ring. Or a husband. I don’t have an all inclusive honeymoon. I don’t have a gift registry or *THE* dress. I am days/weeks/months/years away from the experience that many of my friends in our 20s have already been able to/will celebrate.

So, I’m taking myself to Europe for an entire month. Because there is quite literally not a single reason not to. Because I spent so many sad years physically hiding under the covers and now I wake up with the sun because there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me anymore. I couldn’t be more alive and it is really, really exhilerating.

For the next 4 weeks, this will serve as a travel blog, and after that, you’ll be subjected to my totally boring life in NYC, my attempts at becoming an actor, and my thoughts and musings on men, feminism, the world we live in, and anything else that falls in between.

So while you all enjoy your wedded bliss, find me in France, England, The Netherlands, Ireland & Scotland via the internet with #LittleNicoleBigWorld.





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